Apple Pushes Safari 5.1.4 to Developers: JavaScript , More

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Apple has seeded Safari 5.1.4 to developers, a release that includes improvements to JavaScript and asks developers to test printing PDFs and zooming in and out with plug-in content.

Safari 5.1.4 Developer Seed

Apple’s patch notes:

JavaScript Performance Enhancements

Safari 5.1.4 on Lion includes many fixes that enhance JavaScript performance. Please test webpages that use JavaScript and look for compatibility issues.

Plug-Ins & Zooming

Please test interaction with plug-ins and the appearance of plug-in content while zooming. Please test zooming using gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

Printing PDFs

Please test printing PDFs loaded into Safari as well as PDFs displayed in iframes. Using PDFs Printed from Webpages

Please test links in PDFs created from webpages using Safari 5.1.4.


The developer seed requires Mac OS X 10.7.3, which was just released to the public on Wednesday. Safari 5.1.3 was released at the same time.



Wonder if 5.1.4 fixes the scrolling problem.  I was hoping 5.1.3 that I downloaded yesterday would do the trick.  I have my browser zoomed a bit with cmd-+ so I can read (my eyes need a new version… heh).

What happens is after a while, I can’t use the two-finger scrolling to work.  I can’t even grab the scroll bar (it won’t show up) to move.  It sits frozen.  I quit the app and restart.  Luckily, Lion allows me to return all windows and status after restarting a quit app.

But it takes about 40 minutes of web surfing before the finger scroll goes bad.

What happens is that Safari records the scroll action, but doesn’t actually do it.  But if I scroll, then reset the window size, the scroll action completes and I get to where I estimate I want to go.

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