Apple Pushes White iPhone 4 to Spring 2011

Apple’s delayed white iPhone 4 launch has been pushed back yet again. Now the white version of the combination iPod and smartphone isn’t expected to hit store shelves until next spring.

Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller confirmed the new delay to Forbes, but didn’t offer an explanation as to why the white iPhone 4 launch has been pushed out yet again.

The phantom white iPhone 4

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 4 the company showed of both black and white versions. By the time the next generation iPhone shipped, however, only the black models were available along with a promise that white models would be available soon.

So far, the only explanation Apple has offered for the delay is that the white models are “more challenging” to build than anticipated.

Assuming Apple continues with its current iPhone update cycle, new models should be available around June, which means the white iPhone 4 may be available for only a couple months before the next upgrade launch.