Apple Pushing for Lower iTunes TV Show Prices

Apple is apparently pushing networks to lower the prices customers pay for TV shows at the iTunes Store. People familiar with the discussions claimed Apple wants to cut per-show prices from US$1.99 to $1, according to the Financial Times.

What Apple hopes to gain out of the price cut is a boost in TV show sales.

One unnamed source close to the discussions commented that Apple wants to change TV show pricing dynamics. "That's what they did to the music industry," they said. "The difference between the TV industry and music is this one has good economics."

There's also speculation that Apple sees its rumored tablet device as a good fit for TV shows. Lowering the price customers pay could help drive interest in the device and boost show downloads, too.

TV networks, however, might not like the idea because it could cut into their cable TV deals.

Apple is scheduled to host a special media event in San Francisco on Wednesday, January 27, where the company is expected to introduce a multimedia tablet device. Assuming that's what Apple does show off -- and consumers like it -- the company could be in a better position to talk TV show prices down.

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