Apple Q3 Earnings Report Set for July 20

| Apple Stock Watch

Apple’s third quarter earnings report conference call is set for Tuesday, July 20, at 5PM eastern time. This quarter’s earnings report will include iPad sales, and will likely include questions from analysts about the iPhone 4 and concerns over signal strength loss.

Analysts are expecting some big numbers from Apple including iPhone sales above 8 million units, as well as strong iPad and laptop sales. This will be the first quarter where iPad sales are included in Apple’s bottom line.

Be sure to check in with TMO on the 20th for our earnings report coverage.

Apple is currently trading at US$245.82, down 4.08 (-1.63%).

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Constable Odo

$2.5 billion more cash reserve for Apple and nothing for investors as shares continue to drop from last month’s high of $274.  It’s a rocky road to Andy Zaky’s promised Apple riches.

Lee Dronick

Steve seemed very confident during the Q&A at the antenna brief and it seems that very few people have returned their iPhone 4. AAPL will probably go up tomorrow, but of smart money probably bought Apple stock within the last few days. I recently put a lot of money into veterinarian bills or I would have bought more AAPL while it was down.

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