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Apple's hiring binge continues with the news that the company raided Microsoft's Xbox team for its chief strategy planner. Richard Teversham, director of business, insights and strategy for Microsoft's Xbox team, has joined Apple for what MCV reported was an educational-related role at Apple's European offices.

"We can confirm that Richard Teversham, director of business, insights and strategy, has taken a new opportunity outside of Microsoft," Microsoft said in a statement given to MCV. "A process is underway for recruiting his replacement. A 15-year veteran of Xbox and Microsoft, Richard has been an integral part of the success of Xbox in Europe and in the UK.

"We thank him for his considerable and valuable contributions to the Xbox business in EMEA during his time with us, and wish him every possible future success."

Richard Teversham
Richard Teversham

Apple has been on its hiring spree for the past year or more, with several hires coming to light in the last few days. In addition to Mr. Teversham, Apple has lured two top chip developers from AMD's Graphics Products Group (formerly ATI).

On Thursday, it was learned that Raja Koduri, AMD's former Chief Technology Officer of the Graphics Product Group, will be joining Apple in an undisclosed job. On Tuesday, we reported that Bob Drebin, AMD's previous CTO for the same group, had joined Apple as an unspecified "senior director."

Late in 2008, there was the much-publicized hiring of Mark Papermaster from IBM, another chip developer who is now Apple's Vice President of Device Hardware Engineering, reporting directly to Steve Jobs. That hire landed Apple in court as IBM sought to force Mr. Papermaster to honor the terms of a non-compete contract he had signed with Big Blue, a case that was eventually settled.

Speculation is already underway on what Mr. Teversham will be doing at Apple. Writing for TechCrunch, Ivan Beres said, "I'm quite sure he is not going to teach people how to use their iPods." The Washington Post's Tameka Kee suggested that "education-related" could mean that he will be reaching out to developers or even heading up a new iPhone/iPod touch gaming division.

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Bryan, you used the words, “hiring binge” twice in this article.  A journalistic no-no, I think.



Bryan Chaffin

Thanks for the notes, gents. I fixed the typo and rephrased my otherwise-redundant wording. smile


Chris Newman

hiring binge

The word Hiring appears 3 times, binge only once, twice? yes but only if we include yours


I dunno about binges, sprees, or educational jobs at Apple.  But the people recently added to Apple’s crew, prominent players in their fields, indicates the strong possibility there is something new being developed in Apple’s back rooms.

Could be interesting times coming up.  Could also be the time to pick up a few extra shares of aapl.


The word Hiring appears 3 times, binge only once, twice? yes but only if we include yours

It was there last night.  Bryan must have fixed it.


Odd.  I received an email saying Bryan had replied here with,
“Thanks for the notes, gents. I fixed the typo and rephrased my otherwise-redundant wording.”
but I don’t see it above.  What’s up with that?

Bryan Chaffin

Our (still new) publishing engine decided my comment should be hidden! I re-opened it after I saw your reply, iJack. smile

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