Apple Re-releases Apple TV 4.4.1 Update

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Apple re-released the Apple TV 4.4.1 update late on Tuesday with a fix that corrects a problem where some users were left with non-functional Apple TVs after installing the new software. Apple pulled the update after trouble reports started coming in, and has apparently addressed the issues the first version of the update caused.

Apple TV 4.4.1 update, againApple TV 4.4.1 update, again

Apple TV 4.4.1 was released to fix a problem where some users had to restore their software after installing the Apple TV 4.4 update. Apple TV 4.4 was released on October 12 to add support for iOS 5’s AirPlay mirroring feature.

Apple TV 4.4 also added support for Photo Stream, Wall Street Journal Live and NHL content.

The Apple TV 4.4.1 update is free and available through the software update feature on the Apple TV.

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Hmmm. Just tried it and the Apple Tv2 tells me it’s up to date with 4.4


Nope. Still says 4.3 is the newest update. *sighs*


Shouldn’t Apple have bumped this to v4.4.2 just to differentiate that it’s the “fixed” rerelease ?


I’m getting sick of all these update problems, iOS screwed up my iPad big time after getting 2 replacements it works (well it freezes every 5 minutes)

And now, I buy a freaking Apple TV for AirPlay and they can’t even get that right.

What happened to “It Just Works”? I regret leaving Android, I never had half these problems.


OK they rereleased it… now what? HOW DO WE APPLY THE FIX? the apple tv still says connect to iTunes… if you are thinking i will go spend money to buy a mini USB port and correct a mistake they made they are wrong!


the apple tv still says connect to iTunes

Connect to iTunes either via ethernet cable or wi-fi.
Check out


Mine still says 4.3 is up to date… anybody having better luck?


As of 8:00 PM on the 19th, mine still says it is up to date with 4.3, what the heck?


As of 8 am today I am still showing up to date with version 4.3.


Still says 4.3 is the latest..

harry hawkes

same here still showing 4.4 as updated last week but since doing so, iTunes will not stream to appleTV. cant get the update to there failed update..Grrrr has anybody else had problems since update. i keep getting error 1500

Joe P.

Sure enough, the “original” 4.4.1 bricked my Apple TV. I was able to restore after updating to iTunes 10.5.


check out this thread, has to do with the optical out not working.


Come on Apple don’t you think period !!  How about testing 4.4 update for apple tv before aggravating the hell out of us . GET IT RIGHT. And further more inform your support team as to what the problem is and when is it going to be working ?    Disgruntled

harry hawkes

cheers tyler, looked into that but still not working. although i have now got appleTv displaying my iTunes and playing that way, just cant send from mac to appletv by clicking airplay. to confuse even more, films on my mac work perfectly across airplay


Sign out and then sign in using your AppleID and password under COMPUTERS to get it to recognize the iTunes library on your computer.

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