Apple Ready to Launch iPad 2 in 13 More Countries

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Apple COO Tim Cook said the iPad 2 is set to roll out in 13 more countries next week. He made the announcement during the Apple’s second fiscal earnings conference call on Wednesday where the the company also reported US$24.67 billion in revenue.

Apple began selling the second generation iPad in the U.S. on March 11, and quickly sold through its inventory. Customers have continued to line up to get their hands on one, and online sales are currently delayed one to two weeks.

iPad 2: Coming to a country near you!Apple’s iPad 2 will go on sale in more countries next week

“We sold 4.7 million iPads during the March quarter, launching iPad 2 in the U.S. on March 11 and in 25 additional countries on March 25,” Mr. Cook said. “Customer enthusiasm has been tremendous for iPad 2, and we are working hard to get it into the hands of customers as quickly as possible.”

He added, “We sold every iPad 2 that we could make during the quarter, and would’ve liked to end the quarter with more channel inventory.” 

Combining the original iPad and the iPad 2, Apple is selling its tablet multimedia device in 59 countries.

Apple reported selling some 4.69 million iPads in Q2, coming in at the low end of analyst expectations. The lower figure could be a result of the introduction of the second generation model and customers waiting to get ahold of the new design instead of buying the original iPad.

In comparison, Apple sold 7.33 million iPads during its first fiscal quarter, which also includes the holiday buying season.

iPad and iPad accessories sales came in at $2.8 billion even with the lower sales compared to last quarter.

“I can tell you that I’m extremely pleased with the progress of the manufacturing ramp,” Mr. Cook said. “So I’m very confident that we can produce a very large number of iPads for the quarter.”

Despite the limited availability of iPad 2 and customer frustration in getting ahold of the new tablet, Apple seems pleased with the public response.

“iPad 2 has been staggering,” Mr. Cook said. “And we are still amazed at it.”

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The global demand for this is likely to be staggering. In country after country in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa that I have visited with my iPad, the device has been a show-stopper, with people wanting to get hold of one. And not just any tablet. In some of these countries, like India, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is available. People want the iPad. It is unlikely that Apple will be able to sell to everyone on the planet who wants one, thus it will interesting to see how these are meted out to the various countries.

The only way I could get the one I wanted, reliably was to order online. I had hoped it would get here by the time I arrived back home; however I miscalculated. At least the wait time has shrunk from four to three weeks, barring the unforeseen.

Steve Arn

Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see how Apple handles this rollout given that it’s amazing how difficult it still is to find an iPad 2 anywhere.  Even rarely shows any stock in the US or UK. Hopefully, by adding the third touchscreen manufacturer Apple will be able to increase iPad 2 inventory everywhere.

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