Apple Reinstates Some Canceled WWDC Developer Tickets

Apple has begun reinstating at least some tickets to the company’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) that it had initially canceled. Andrew Gould of NapkinStudio tweeted on Monday that his company’s canceled tickets had been reinstated.

“Apple reinstated @napkinstudio cancelled WWDC tickets. Still real annoying we had to go through all of that. Need better process next year,” the developer wrote.

Andrew Gould Tweet

Andrew Gould Tweet

Tickets for this year’s WWDC went on sale early on April 25th and sold out in just under two hours. Later that same day, several developers, including Aaron Hillegass of Big Nerd Ranch and Cabel Maxfield Sasser of Panic said that their tickets had been canceled by Apple.

Those two developers are still without tickets as of this writing, but earlier on Monday Mr. Hillegass tweeted, “I *still* don’t have tickets, but I think it will work itself out.”

Mr. Sasser also noted, “I won’t believe it until they call me! :) But man, what an adventure.”

Apple instituted new controls over this year’s ticket process intended to limit ticket scalping. Those controls still resulted in the event selling out before the West Coast woke up, but they also resulted in what may have been automated cancellations of tickets purchased by companies on behalf of their employees.

For some, at least, those kinks appear to be getting worked out.