Apple Rejecting iOS Apps that Grab UDID Codes

Apple is pushing developers to stop using the unique identifier embedded in iPhones and iPads, or UDID, and over the last week has apparently begun rejecting apps that gather the codes, according to TechCrunch.

Apple rejecting UDID grabbing appsApp developers were warned several months ago that the change was coming, although it seems at least some coders weren’t expecting Apple to start enforcing the new rule so soon.

At least some developers rely on the UDID codes to track user activity for targeted advertising and troubleshooting. Since Apple is phasing out the option to use the unique identifiers, companies are looking for new ways to keep tabs on users while avoiding personal privacy concerns.

“In the next month or two, this is going to have an impact on all ad networks and apps using advertising,” said Andy Yang of Playhaven, a company that helps developers make money off of their apps. “Everybody’s trying to make their own choices about what to use instead.”

Some developers have been able to work around the UDID collection block by asking users for permission to grab the code with in-app dialogs. Since Apple is actively pushing developers away from UDID collection, however, those companies may have to find alternative ways of tracking their users, too.

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