Apple Releases Aperture 3.0.2 with Many Bug Fixes

Apple released an update to Aperture 3 Thursday, bringing the photo management and correction software to version 3.0.2. The update includes several bug fixes and other improvements to the software.

Apple’s patch notes:

  • Upgrading Aperture 1.x and 2.x libraries
  • Importing libraries from iPhoto or from earlier versions of Aperture
  • Importing hierarchical folders of photos into a library
  • Adding names and confirming matches in Faces
  • Reordering snapshots on the Faces corkboard
  • Creating and saving print presets
  • Duplicating metadata presets
  • Adjustments using Curves, Straighten and Retouching
  • Navigation of photos in the Viewer using scrolling
  • Importing ratings, color labels and GPS data from XMP sidecar files
  • IPTC metadata compatibility
  • Deleting photos when emptying the Aperture Trash
  • Exporting versions and libraries
  • The update is recommended for all users of Aperture 3.

Apple has added a KnowledgeBase article for Aperture updates, but info specific to this patch has not yet been added.

Thanks to our friends at MacUpdate for the heads up on the patch.