Apple Releases Apple TV 3.0 with iTunes LP, Internet Radio, More

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Apple announced Thursday the release of Apple TV 3.0, an update to the software that runs the company's TV settop interface. The new software adds support for iTunes LP, internet radio stations, iTunes Extras, Genius Mixes, and a new interface through which to access iTunes content and local media.

"The new software for Apple TV features a simpler and faster interface that gives you instant access to your favorite content," said Eddy Cue, Apple's vice president of Internet Services, in a statement. "HD movies and HD TV shows from iTunes have been a huge hit with Apple TV customers, and with Apple TV 3.0 they get great new features including iTunes Extras, Genius Mixes and Internet radio."

iTunes LP is format for packaging albums with additional material (lyrics, liner notes, videos, interviews) that was introduced during the company's September 9th media event. iTunes Extras offer viewers additional material for movies (deleted scenes, galleries, deleted scenes, etc.). Genius Mixes are playlists put together by iTunes of songs that go well together.

The inclusion of support for these features in Apple TV 3.0 means that users can take advantage of them through Apple TV in their living room.

The software update is free for Apple TV owners, and it can be downloaded through Apple TV itself when connected to a network.

Apple TV 3.0 Screenshot
Photographed screenshot of Apple TV 3.0


Bryan Chaffin

Who’s tried the update?

John Martellaro

The UI is just at the top level. Once you drill down, it’s the same old look and feel as before.


Rumour has it that it breaks Boxee for the Apple TV.


I"ve tried the update, Bryan, and in my experience it’s not as stable as the previous version.
The Atv has frozen several times and reset itself; on one occasion it gave me the option of restoring.  The resets have “wiped” the Atv content causing hours of syncing - which has problems too. Twice iTunes has reported that the Atv is “not responding” during a sync.
I can’t see a pattern in any of this; all the incidents seem entirely random.
Roll on Version 3.1

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