Apple Releases Apple TV Update 4.4.2

| Product News

After pulling the previous Apple TV update, 4.4.1, after many users reported issues, Apple has returned with Apple TV Update 4.4.2 on Monday afternoon.

Some Apple TV owners had issues after installing the 4.4 update — necessary to take advantage of iOS 5 features such as AirPlay mirroring — that left them with essentially unusable devices until they restored their software. Apple attempted to fix the problem with the 4.4.1 update, but had to pull that after more users experienced startup problems after installing the new software.

Available for download at the Apple website, it should also be available shortly via the software update feature of your Apple TV. Apple’s Support page does not list any new features over 4.4.1 but we’ll update this post once we know more.

Apple recommends via its support article HT5021 that users reset all settings on their Apple TV prior to updating. To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

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My apple TV did the download but then showed its desire to be plugged into iTunes. I had to purchase a micro USB lead. Once done I plugged the apple TV into the lap top with iTunes open but my lap top does not recognise the device so I am stuck with a non functioning apple TV.

The Apple advice seems to be useless… is anyone else having problems??

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