Apple Releases iTunes 10.3.1 Without Update Notes

Apple released iTunes 10.3.1 late on Tuesday, only a day after updating its multimedia content and playback application to version 10.3. The company didn’t update the application’s release notes, so there isn’t any official word on exactly what changed in the new update.

iTunes 10.3iTunes 10.3, now with mysterious updates

Some iTunes 10.3 users were reporting iPhone, iPad and iPod touch syncing issues, so it’s possible Apple addressed that issue with the update.

iTunes 10.3 added support for Auto Downloads, allowing users to purchase content in iTunes or from an iOS device and automatically download a copy to their other devices. It also added the ability to view music purchase history and re-download tracks at no extra cost, and added iBookstore access.

iTunes 10.3.1 is free and available via the Software Update application, or as a download at Apple’s iTunes Web site.