Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.1 - Welcome to iTunes Match [Update]

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Apple released iTunes 10.5.1 on Monday, an update that includes the long-awaited launch of iTunes Match. There are no other feature changes announced in the patch notes.

iTunes Match Introductory Offer

iTunes Match Introductory Offer

iTunes Match is Apple’s $24.99 per year service that matches all the music in your music library to songs on the company’s iCloud servers and then makes those songs available to all of your iTunes-enabled devices and computers. Similar to what the company already offers for iTunes purchases, iTunes Match will match songs gotten from other music download services, CDs, and even pirated material, assuming it can find a match.

You can download the update from Apple’s iTunes download page. The company is also listing it on its main Support > Downloads page, but as of this writing, the iTunes 10.5.1 for Mac and iTunes 10.5.1 for Windows (64 bit) articles both now link to version 10.5.1, and the update is also showing up in Software Update on OS X and the Apple Updater in Windows.

[Update: The article was updated with current availability information. - Editor]


Ross Edwards

Hot diggity!  I’m excited.  Can’t wait to work on this tonight.

I almost have all my metadata cleaned up and chaff excised from my collection.  What was once a 17k song collection is floating in the 11k range now, and I just made it under 100GB.  (Replacing thousands of 320k MP3s with 256K AACs will help that further.  Being a fanatic for prog rock with 20-minute songs makes it a bit tougher.) 

Apple isn’t being too forthcoming with what combination of metadata checking, la-la audio wave parsing, and server-side comparison produces (or precludes) a match, so I want to be able to maximize my chances, and ensure that I don’t have “explicit” and “clean” versions mixed up, remasters matched to premasters, and so on.  iTunes in the Cloud already messed up once, for example, matching my acoustic UK Kerrang version of Coheed and Cambria’s “Welcome Home” (which was an iTMS purchase! but is no longer available in the store) to the album version of “Welcome Home” from Good Apollo IV, which I own separately, ripped from CD, and never purchased from iTMS.  I expect to see that happen a few times, but hopefully not too often.

It’s a lot of work for those of us in AS (or OCD) curated-music-collection land, but the payoff they are promising seems more than worth it, especially at $25/yr.

Engine Joe

Bit confused at the moment—it’s finding iTunes matches for some songs on an album imported into my library but not all.  Some songs are apparently marked that they can’t be synched, matched, or uploaded at all (i.e. you get a cloud with a slash through it).  The no match or upload makes sense for videos and pdfs, but why a random song?

And I really hope it doesn’t start messing with my tagging…

Ross Edwards

Engine Joe,

Apparently it does not change your metadata.  I was hoping it would correct album covers and such, but nope.

Also, some songs are ineligible (the slash-cloud icon), generally because the original copy is lower than 128kbps, but there has not been a definitive answer on that from Apple, just speculation from the community based on early trial-and-error such as what you are doing.  There may be other factors making a song ineligible that we haven’t had documented yet.

Engine Joe

Thanks for the “scuttlebutt” (i.e. crowd-data), Ross.  Some of my ineligible tracks are above 128kbps… so there has to be more going on.

Some other oddities include Clouds with exclamation points (indicative of an error, but with no further explanation apparently available).

I know Apple isn’t exactly known for deep documentation for users, but there’s a lot of confusion and unknowns out there right now.


The download is definitely available here Down Under in Oz as of this AM.

Match underway.

Fan Bois

“iTunes Match is currently not taking new subscribers please try again later” - what the *#*#*#!  Getting this message last night and this morning after you click on the subscribe button. Are the apple servers swamped??

Lee Dronick

Are the apple servers swamped??

That does seem to happen a lot right after an update or new feature is released.

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