Apple Releases MacBook Battery Update 1.4 for Better Life

Apple Inc. released Battery Update 1.4, an update that, "improves the ability of MacBook batteries to maintain a charge when the system is shut down and not used for an extended period of time."

If you have a MacBook, you can find the update in Software Update, or you can visit Apple's support site for a download page, as well as a page that offers users additional information and step-by-steps instructions for installing the update.

Apple provided a lis of the specific MacBook models that are affected by this update:

  • MacBook (13-inch)
  • MacBook (13-inch Mid 2007)
  • MacBook (13-inch Late 2006)
  • MacBook (13-inch Late 2007)
  • MacBook (13-inch, Early 2008)
  • MacBook (13-inch, Early 2009)
  • MacBook (13-inch, Late 2008)