Apple Releases New Mac Pro Firmware Restoration CD

Along with Mac Pro Firmware Update 1.5, Apple released Firmware Restoration CD 1.9 late on Thursday. The Restoration CD lets users recovere from failed firmware updates that would otherwise leave their computer unusable and includes support for the mid 2010 Mac Pro.

The Firmware Restoration CD is available as a downloadable disk image at the Apple Support Web site and must be converted to a physical CD before use. Here’s how:

  • After downloading the Firmware Restoration CD disk image, launch Disk Utility. It’s in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder on your Mac’s hard drive.
  • Select Images > Burn…
  • Place a blank CD in your Mac.
  • Choose the Firmware Restoration CD disk image you downloaded, then click Burn.

Apple’s Mac Pro

This version of the Firmware Restoration CD is only for Mac Pro models built after mid 2010. The disk image is available as a free download at the Apple Support Web site.