Apple Releases Podcasts App for iPhone, iPad

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Apple released its rumored Podcasts app on Tuesday well ahead of the launch of iOS 6. The app lets iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users find, organize, and listen to podcasts that are available through the iTunes Store.

The Podcast app splits podcasts out of the Music app, which was rumored to be coming when iOS 6 ships this fall.

Apple's new Podcasts app for the iPhone and iPadApple’s new Podcasts app for the iPhone and iPad

The app supports audio and video podcasts, includes a Top Stations feature for finding popular shows, supports offline viewing or online streaming, syncs with iTunes on your computer, syncs your current play point in podcasts with your other iOS devices, includes a sleep timer for listening to shows in bed, and supports sharing favorite shows via Twitter, Messages or email.

Podcasts is free and requires iOS 5.1 or later. The app is available for download at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.



Im still hoping they improve how itunes itself handles podcasts for those of us who still use our ipods.  Im so tired of having to manually add premium podcasts and then have it not associate it to the collection, then have to edit the properties every single time for it to recognize that this hour+ long mp3 file is not a “song.”


for a company that prides iteslf on touch the controls are a bit small
and the cuteness of the animated reel to reel a bit naff IMHO

the ease of high speed scrubbing around a large podcast does not seem to have improved - what was really needed!


I see no feature for adding or downloading podcasts outside of the iTunes store… which includes every podcast that requires a paid subscription.  I am amazed that after this amount of time there is still no self-contained solution from Apple.

I guess I’ll have to wait for iOS 7.


Small improvement since Apple had the really bad idea to split appart the video podcasts from the audio podcast left in their music app.  Now all podcast can be reached at once.

Ok they add download function and even sync playback position between iOS devices… but it remain quite unclear why Apple doesn’t sync this app with iTunes!

I listen most of my podcasts on my iPod which sync unwatched episodes from iTunes.  Once watched, I like to keep some eposides for further reference.  So I manually the delete the unwanted watched eposides from iTunes which can’t be done from any iOS devices.

Deleting a podcast from the Podcast App only delete it from the iOS device like before.  It leave the deleted podcast in the iTunes library which doesn’t make any sense for me since.

It think Apple is getting more and more confuse with the way they try to sync automatically all their apps and application. Deleting a podcast should delete the iTunes original on next sync.


The new Podcasts app is a bit of an improvement over iTunes and Music, but it has a few bugs and documentation issues. I find it a bit odd that the mighty Apple has a few paragraphs on how to use this app. After playing around with it a bit, I posted some info with tips, on my blog (Appledystopia)... screenshots and all…

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