Apple Releases Remote Desktop 3.3 with New Client Update Features, More

Apple updated Apple Remote Desktop to version 3.3, an update to the remote viewing and management software for the Mac that includes new client update features, and more.

More specifically, according to Apple's Knowledge Base article for the update, "Apple Remote Desktop 3.3 allows you to add Apple Remote Desktop version 2.x and 3.x clients to your computer lists, and will automatically assist you in upgrading them to the current version of the client software."

The full list of other features:

  • Improves support for accessing client computers and task servers behind NAT (Network Address Translation) routers.
  • Includes Task Server and Directory Server scanners, for finding client computers known by your task server and clients in computer groups on a directory server.
  • New "Reporting" tab in client computer Info window, to set a single reporting policy for the client computer, shared by all Remote Desktop administrator computers.
  • New "Administrators" tab in client computer Info window, to display and control which admin computers and task servers are associated with each client computer.
  • Client settings configurable by Managed Preferences in Workgroup Manager.
  • Support for finding and adding client computers via wide-area Bonjour.
  • Resolves an issue using Lock Screen or Curtain mode on a client computer that's at the login window.
  • Improves stability when running Remote Desktop Admin on a Task Server.
  • Resolves an issue that could cause build_hd_index files to become very large.
  • Improves compatibility with the Application Firewall.
  • Change Client Settings task now works when the Remote Desktop administrator has an Active Directory account.
  • Improves client stability when Sharing Screen.
  • Scheduled UNIX Commands stay scheduled.
  • When controlling a remote client, function keys and key combinations for actions such as Force Quit, Log Out, and the Application Switcher are now all sent to the remote computer.
  • Improves screen sharing performance with RealVNC.
  • Improves performance of encrypted file copies.
  • Improves performance of encrypted screen sharing connections

The update is a 51.3MB download through Apple's Support Downloads site, or you can download it through Software Update if you have Apple Remote Desktop installed.