Apple Releases Safari 4.0.4 for Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Windows

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Apple released Safari 4.0.4 Wednesday, an update for the company's Web browser for Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, and Windows. The update includes bug fixes, JavaScript improvements, Full History Search improvements, and more.

Apple's patch notes:

This update is recommended for all Safari users and includes improvements to performance, stability, and security including:

• Improved JavaScript performance
• Improved Full History Search performance for users with a large number of history items
• Stability improvements for 3rd-party plug-ins, the search field and Yahoo! Mail

Apple also points users to its Security site for details on the security contents of this update, but as of this writing it has not yet been added.

You can download the update through Software Update in Mac OS X, through the Apple Update utility in Windows, or directly from the Safari download Web page. In Snow Leopard for Intel, it's a 29.8MB download through Software Update.

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This morning, before Safari 4.0.4, my MacBook Pro fans went full bore. Hmmm? I opened Activity Monitor to see what was going on. It claimed Flash in Safari was using 125% of the CPU. WTF?

I killed Safari and the fans cooled off and stopped. I wonder if that Flash problem got fixed? I’m not sure which site started it all.


That “Flash problem” is Flash itself. You can fix it by installing the free (and very compatible) plug-in ClickToFlash.

Lee Dronick

I second the ClickToFlash recommendation.


I third, fourth, fifth, and sixth that recommendation.

I especially love being able to watch youtube videos in QuickTime format, which uses 5-10% of my CPU instead of 90-150%


I also recommend flashblock for firefox wink

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