Apple Releases Security Update 2008-008 for Tiger

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Following Monday's Mac OS X 10.5.6 update, Apple released Security Update 2008-008 for Mac OS X 10.4.11 users. The Tiger update includes many of the same security fixes found in Mac OS X 10.5.6.

The security update corrects issues related to certain file downloads, CoreGraphics, CoreServices, Adobe's Flash Player plug-in, Libsystem, Internet Sharing, and opening ISO files.

Security Update 2008-008 is available for Intel and PowerPC-based Macs via the Software Update application or as a downloadable installer at the Apple Support Web site.

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Michael Mahoney

Be warned. After you download the update you must reinstall your printers. I lost all of mine and had to start from the install CD. What a pain.

Mike Jewell

you could try re-installing your printer from by downloading the correct file from your printer’s web site.  make’s it easier than hunting down the install CD AND your printer will be more up to date than the driver from the CD.



No… flawed assumption, Mr. Jewell. Some people don’t need to “hunt down” their install media, as they store such valuables in a known location. It’s easier in that case to just grab the disc(s) than to navigate a couple manufacturers’ websites. Having the latest drivers is nice, but also rarely necessary.

Michael Mahoney

My install media was close at hand, and downloading from the mfg. was not an option.
The gripe I have is the Optional Install for printers on the CD installs every brand - no choice for the user. It is a time eater.
Now, I have an update and there go the printer drivers. I love my IMac, but this problem is preventable at Apple.
Other than that my life is wonderful. mm


Oh my god…I am flabergasted by the sheer number of computer illiterates still out there.

People, Apple is just a marketing company and that’s all.

I am truly amazed that people buy these obsolete buggy iGarbage from apple…Hats off to their marketing department for conning and brainwashing so many idiots out there…But, I bought an HP iPaq for a couple of hundred dollars - it came with a phone, full featured GPS with voice directions, and oh yea a full Windows Mobile OS long before Crapple’s iPhone ever existed.

And why would anyone pay over $3000 for a crippled, obsolete-out-of the box Apple Mac OS X computer? I bought an HP pavillion laptop, fully loaded, with DVD/Blue Ray, Super Hi-res wide screen, 2 Gig RAM, HD Tuner, built-in web cam etc. etc. etc. for under $1000

And Apple Mac OS X is based on FreeBSD, an open-source Unix look-alike, available FREE for the PC back in 1992, with a artsy-fartsy GUI. Whoopy Doo..

It is too expensive, too buggy, and the only software available is a bunch of dinky puzzles written by 14 year olds. No engineering or scientific applications available for “Mac OS X”...

Apple has a long history of fraud, racism and corruption…Steve Jobs and Nancy Heinen (and her shyster subordinates) are both knowing criminal participants in the stock options scam, and were caught trying to cover it up.

They were caught red-handed in early 2006 when a former employee who was cheated out of all of his stock after being wrongfully dismissed, filed a lawsuit against Apple Con-puter.

In short, dont waste your time and money on apple…

PS: If Apple was supposed to be “invulnerable” to viruses, why are there so many security fixes being passed around? Even with all of Apple’s virus and spyware vulnerabilities…which i’Tard would target a virus against an con-puter “OS” used by 2% of people out there?

Michael Mahoney

Could you please be more specific in your comments. smile
My history with PC’s led me to Apple, and I have been content ever since. mm


Original, Remember?

Just saw the identical post on Beta News.

Glad you can copy and paste!  Too bad you have such anger/jealousy inside.

Von K

Remember, it’s obvious you have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to Apple hardware. You might not see any engineering or scientific apps you like for OS X, but for most of us in the creative industry, Windows machines are just not up to par. Many people say that you can do anything on a PC you can do on a Mac regarding graphics, but as an avid Windows user for years, I can tell you it just isn’t true.

As for the character of Steve Jobs and Nancy Heinen, who cares? They aren’t the people designing my computers or software. Besides, at least Jobs didn’t steal the idea for his OS from another company and pound out a second rate imitation (see: Windows).

In conclusion, get stuffed.


Von K, I am glad you admit you are an Artist and not a technical person. But, you must be stuck in the late 1980’s and early 90’s.

Years ago, Adobe ported all of its Graphics and Media editing applicaitons like Photoshop, Flash, video editing to Windows. The windows versions started identical to the Mac versions and now they’re eons more advanced.

I switched from Mac to Windows XP in early 2002 and it is the best decision I ever made.  The fraudulent apple claims about “viruses” and “spyware” only apply to computer illiterates that go to pornsites and download software.

Now I have access to the most advanced scientific and engineering design software ever created. None of which will ever get ported to crApple’s Mac OS X because of its limited user base (2%) and unstable and buggy application layers that were developed by apple on top of BSD.

I always get a kick out of the fact that Apple’s “top engineers’ were trying to tell me that there is no BSD core in mac os x…morons from their defunct Graphics and Colorsync departments.. oh dear.


RememberWHO? Why is such a virulent anti-Macster bothering with a dedicated Mac site?


This update has ruined my computer. My dock keeps hiding every time I click on something, my mouse pointer is acting crazy, and I cannot type anything in the finder window when I am trying to search something. Anyone know what happened?


Have lost all use of both HP printers since update.

Have reinstalled drivers from original CDs ‘till blue in the face. Nothing. Jobs seem to spool to printer then revert to ‘Idle’ and ‘Jobs Stopped’ mode.

Have repaired permissions via DiskWarrior as well having originally been faced with the hanging gray screen following the update.

Confused as to next step. Clean reinstall of OS?

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