Apple Reportedly Expanding iCloud with Photo Sharing, Personal Videos

Apple’s iCloud service could soon include photo sharing (not just syncing), syncing of personal videos, and new access to Reminders and Notes in an upcoming upgrade. These features are rumored to be included in iOS 6 which is expected to be announced at WWDC in mid-June.

Photo Stream is iCloud’s current photo service. It allows a photo saved in one location, such as on an iMac, to automatically appear on all devices connected with the iCloud account, such as an iPhone or iPad.


Apple's iCloud

However, The Wall Street Journal claims the new service would be more like Instagram in that it would enable sharing of photos with other people and allow them to leave comments. Photo sharing is a popular type of social networking and Facebook recently bought the Instagram service for $1 billion. It appears that Apple wants a piece of the photo sharing action.


In addition to the new photo sharing features, it is also expected that the syncing service will be extended to include personal videos. These videos will be coordinated across all Apple devices just like photos are currently.

The Reminders and Notes apps, which already have iCloud syncing across devices, are rumored to soon be available through the iCloud web interface. Currently these are only accessible through iOS apps.

There are 125 million users currently signed up for iCloud which became available to the public in October 2011. And, as usual, Apple declined to comment on these new features.