Apple Reportedly Moving to Smaller iOS “Micro-Dock”

Apple is reportedly in the proves of ditching its current “Dock” connector for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in favor of a smaller “Micro Dock,” thought not necessarily under that name. The intent of the move, according to iMore, is to save space inside future devices to make more room for more critical components.

The site didn’t name or describe its sources, but said its rumor appeared to be attached to the next iPhone, rather than the next iPad that is expected to be announced in March. We also weren’t offered details on exactly what form or technology will be used for the new connector

Apple's Current Dock Connector

Apple’s Current Dock Connector
Source: iMore

As illustrated by the image above, the Dock Connector is substantial, and it hasn’t changed much since the original iPhone was released. A smaller connector would give Apple more room in its quest towards making its iOS devices smaller while offering increased battery life.