Apple Reportedly to Launch “iTunes Replay” Soon

iTunesApple is getting ready to launch a service called “iTunes Replay” in the near future, according to unnamed sources cited by AppAdvice. The service would simply allow users to redownload and possibly stream movies they have purchased from iTunes in much the same way that they can now do with TV shows as of Monday.

The site said that Apple is in the process of securing licenses from content owners to make this possible, and that some content may not eligible for iTunes Replay at all, while other content may have limits placed on the number of times it can be redownloaded.

The somewhat vague piece also said that it wasn’t yet clear if this ability will be limited to iOS devices, or extended to Macs and PCs through iTunes. Music and TV shows could be brought under the banner of “iTunes Replay” as well in order to clarify Apple’s marketing message when it comes to iCloud.