Apple Revamps WWDC Video Wall with Mac Pros, Cinema Displays


Apple’s traditional World Wide Developer Conference App Store app wall got a make over this year with 30 24-inch LED Cinema Displays driven by 30 Mac Pro towers. The video wall shows the activity of the 50,000 most popular apps at the App Store sorted by app icon color.

The wall represents App Store activity by dropping the icons for apps as they’re downloaded, creating an app icon waterfall effect. Apple is aggregating download data every five minutes via an XML feed and processed with code built with Cocoa and Objective-C. Final rendering for the video wall is handled with Quartz Composer Visualizer.

Apple’s video wall offers a striking visual representation of just how many iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps are being downloaded, and just how often the most popular apps are purchased.

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference runs from June 7 through June 11 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

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Ah, the Mac finally makes an appearance at WWDC!


> Apple?s traditional World Wide Developer Conference App Store app wall

Traditional?  I thought last year’s wall was the first.  (No, I’ve never attended, but I don’t recall reading coverage previously.  What I do seem to recall was that “all teh interwebs” were alive with coverage of the fabby new app store “wall”.
It’s traditional that traditions take several cycles (years, centuries, whatevers) to become established as traditions.  grin


When the panels fill up to the top with icons, then what happens????


All the reflections from the monitors show how much glossy screens suck.

Chris M

When the screens fill up to the top with the icons there’s a sort of effect like someone pulled a plug and they “drain away” out the bottom of the screens.




camerawork sucks, got nausea watching it

Lee Dronick

camerawork sucks, got nausea watching it

Well to fair he was probably a developer and not a cinematographer. smile

Also it was taken with a handheld camera, hence the movement. I wonder if he used an iPhone to take that video.

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