Apple Rumored to Provide Anti-Glare iMac Screen Option

iMac Anti-Glare RumorBase image via The Simpsons, 20th Century Fox

The long-requested option of an anti-glare screen may finally be coming back to Apple’s iMac line, according to rumors about Taiwanese glass company G-Tech Optoelectronics’s increased production numbers for 2012. 

As reported by DigiTimes and discussed by MacRumors, G-Tech is ramping up production of its cover glass products by over 66 percent this year to provide support for iPad manufacturing, with industry estimates expecting the Taiwanese company to provide 25 to 30 percent of the total glass for iPads in 2012.

If true, this may mark a turn for Apple away from domestic glass suppliers, as the company recently identified U.S.-based Corning as providing the “majority” of the glass for its devices. However, it is unclear at present if G-Tech will be competing with Corning for iPad glass contracts or if the “Gorilla Glass” manufacturer has outsourced the production of its technology to G-Tech or other companies.

Along with the increased production of standard glass for iPads, rumors suggest that G-Tech will also begin providing anti-reflective glass for the iMac line, which currently only offers a highly reflective glossy screen. While glossy displays provide a rich and high contrast viewing experience, they can be distracting for users who are required to view their iMac’s display in a well-lit room with significant light shining directly on the screen.

Apple, which traditionally used “anti-reflective” displays for the majority of its products, began a switch to glossy displays, starting with the Intel transition in 2006 when the new MacBook replaced the iBook and offered only a glossy option. The 2007 aluminum iMac refresh brought the same result to the all-in-one desktop line, and 2008’s MacBook Pro redesign made glossy displays mandatory. An “anti-glare” build-to-order option was added back to the 15- and 17-inch models in 2009 for an additional cost.

If the rumors prove true, it is likely that, rather than replacing the entire iMac line with anti-reflective displays, Apple will offer a build-to-order option on one or both iMac models as they currently do with the MacBook Pro.