Apple Said to Want Streaming TV for Christmas

Apple is apparently pushing content providers hard to land deals for its own streaming TV service in time for the Christmas holiday season.

Apple wants its own streaming TV serviceAnonymous sources told the New York Post that Apple’s Eddie Cue has been heading up the negotiations, and the networks aren’t happy with the proposed terms. One unnamed media executive said “They want everything for nothing.”

Apparently Apple wants to set the pricing and determine which shows are available. The company already has a track record of demanding control over content pricing through its iTunes Store — a fact that still has record labels upset.

Assuming Apple is negotiating for streaming content, it isn’t a surprise to see resistance since the networks aren’t interested in giving the Cupertino-based company more control over content delivery.

An Apple-based streaming service would fit nicely with the company’s rumored HD television set project, and with the rumored update for the Apple TV that many expect to see as early as next week along side the introduction of the iPad 3. Apple is hosting a special media event on March 7 where the company has teased “We have something you really have to see. And touch.”

Apple hasn’t commented on whether or not it really is negotiating with networks for streaming TV show content.