Apple, Samsung Patent Negotiations Crumble

Patent lawsuit settlement negotiations earlier this week between Apple and Samsung failed, leaving the two companies on track for a trial next month. The negotiations came at the request of Judge Lucy Koh who is overseeing the infringement lawsuit, and included the CEOs from both companies.

A Samsung official confirmed the negotiations fell through, according to Korea Times. The talks were mediated by Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero.

No surprise: Apple and Samsung patent negotiations fall throughNo surprise: Apple and Samsung patent negotiations fall through

The court ordered negotiations follow months of legal wrangling between the two companies over allegations that each side is using mobile-related patents in their tablet and smartphone devices without proper licensing. The lawsuits over patent infringement have spread to several countries around the world.

While there was always a possibility both sides would reach a settlement agreement, there wasn’t much incentive for the companies to find a middle ground, especially since they met only at Judge Koh’s request.

Apple and Samsung are now set to face off in court on June 27.