Apple Security VP has Left the Building, Maybe

Apple security chief leavesApple’s vice president of global security, John Theriault, has apparently left the company, although there isn’t any official word from Cupertino on his status. Speculation has risen, however, that his alleged departure is related to the search for a lost iPhone 4S prototype where Apple security personnel were mistaken for police during a home search.

News of the job opening at Apple comes courtesy of 9to5 Mac sources that claim Mr. Theriault left the company some time in the past few days.

The incident that may be behind Mr. Theriault’s departure involved the hunt for a lost iPhone 4S prototype that Apple security tracked to a San Francisco house. The home owner, Sergio Calderon, let the team search his house, then later said they led him to believe they were police officers.

Apple’s security team didn’t find their missing iPhone.

San Francisco police were on hand during the search, and now the law enforcement agency is conducting an investigation into what happened that day. Apple is apparently conducting its own investigation, too, and has been in contact with Mr. Calderon.

Apple has not yet responded to The Mac Observer’s request for a comment on Mr. Theriault’s job status.