Apple Seeds iOS 4.2.1 GM to Developers

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Apple has seeded a GM release of iOS 4.2.1 to developers Thursday. 9to5Mac first noted the release, and The Mac Observer was able to confirm that developers have begun receiving the seed. Mum’s the word on details for this seed, but a version number of 4.2.1 appears to confirm reports that Apple delayed its internally planned release for iOS 4.2 in order to correct some last minute issue.

Reports and speculation had pegged the release of iOS 4.2 as early as last Friday, but it was rumored that Apple wanted to fix an issue with AirPrint and/or AirPlay before releasing it, and thus canceled the Friday release. Officially, Apple has told the public only that iOS 4.2 would be released sometime in November.



Apple can now get away with releasing 4.2.1 in December since they only promised 4.2 in November wink


promised 4.2 in November

Don’t say that. I’m hanging out for 4.2 on my iPad


Meh… they never gave a date, but I hope it comes out before thanksgiving so people can show off airplay and see if it’s all the hype that’s talked about.

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