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Apple has posted job listings for “Product Security Manager” on the company’s corporate “Jobs at Apple” site. The positions are for people who will be responsible for the security of unreleased Apple products and the listings were posted in the wake of a second iPhone prototype to go missing at a Bay Area bar.

The job could be one of the most high stress positions at Apple. According to the description, “The candidate will be responsible for overseeing the protection of, and managing risks to, Apple’s unreleased products and related intellectual property. The individual will collaborate with other security managers by contributing to, and managing execution of, strategic initiatives set forth by Director, Global Security.”

If that doesn’t scare you off, the company said that the ideal candidate will have a “proven record” of, “Simultaneously working with multiple constituencies, balancing disparate priorities, problem solving in high-demand situations, defining and establishing attainable measures of success, and regularly achieving positive outcomes in large-scale business environments.”

Apple would also prefer an “advanced degree,” such as an M.S. in Risk Management, Information Assurance, Security Management, or the like. There’s also an alphabet soup of various certifications needed, and you’ll also want to show five or more years of working experience in the field.

Those are some stiff requirements, all in all, and Apple’s potential pool of candidates is likely to be on the elite side. Few companies take product secrecy as seriously as Apple, limiting the number of people who will have experience in this area. Potential candidates might come from the pharmaceutical world, for instance, as well as the defense industry.

On the one hand, that’s a measure of how seriously the company is taking the dual demands of protecting product development and the need for in-the-field testing, especially with its mobile devices. On the other hand, it is, perhaps, surprising that Apple doesn’t already have such positions.

That said, we have no indication whether these are new jobs or new vacancies for existing jobs. As noted above, Apple takes product security seriously, but it’s also easy to forget that Apple’s growth has been on a very sharp incline for only a few years, and there are many aspects of being a $100 billion per year company that are entirely new to Apple.

For instance, last week it was revealed that Apple only brought on a security team to tackle Chinese counterfeits in 2008, two years after the iPhone was released and several years after the iPod became a huge hit.

PC Magazine first noticed the job postings over the holiday weekend.

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Without reading the job listing, I know one requirement for the product security personnel:  It is that they have common sense, in addition to all of the other martial and security skills.


As I’m currently looking for a job I read this with some interest.

Ummmmm, no thanks.

They left out the part where it should say “Candidate must be willing to tolerate, high blood pressure and multiple heart attacks. Survivor benefits are to be negotiated.”

This sounds like a recipe for unimaginable stress.


..... I wonder if the job comes with an automatic Santa Clara County deputy sheriff’s badge.



Agreed, geoduck, that this sounds like a horrifically stressful job. I’m surprised one requirement wasn’t “regularly leap tall buildings in single bounds.” Nonetheless, there are a ton of high-stress positions out there (fighter pilots, firefighters/EMTs, brain surgeons) and yet somehow people actually do fly fighter jets, pull people from burning buildings, and perform brain surgery every day. (Though not necessarily all three by any one individual.) Apple will no doubt find more than a few eager candidates.

Any idea what a position like this pays?

Lee Dronick

How about a wedlock collar or at least ankle bracelet. Get more than a few yards away from the prototype and you lose your head or foot.

Seriously probably a stressful job, but I knew fellows when I was in the military that could do the job.


I see a summer blockbuster action thriller movie here wink


fighter pilots, firefighters/EMTs, brain surgeons

IMO this is likely more comparable to an Air Traffic Controller. You’d be responsible if something bad happens when there’s a bunch of people out there beyond your reach trying their damnedest to make something bad happen.


I can imagine that an applicant, en route to the interview room, walks past a row of headless corpses: previous holders of the position.


Now, there’s a good though:  Hire at least some California peace officers to protect Apple’s products.  They are policemen, who have police powers of arrest, can carry guns, and, where the circumstances warrant it, can shoot to kill.


How about a wedlock collar or at least ankle bracelet. Get more than a few yards away from the prototype and you lose your head or foot.

You mean like this?

Lee Dronick

Sir Harry Flashman said:

How about a wedlock collar or at least ankle bracelet. Get more than a few yards away from the prototype and you lose your head or foot.

You mean like this?

Yes, but with ‘asplosives. Did you check out the description of the product?

Function declaration:

It will show the telephone number when incoming telegram (OLED display)
It will vibrate when incoming telegram
Distant range cut hint (the bracelet will vibrate 5 seconds when the cellphone was lost or wire broken by unnormal
Receive and refuse a call function
Matching , connecting and cutting state display
Refuse and handfree state display
Power on and off state display
Low power state display
Charging state display
Handling instruction:

Press the 5 seconds when the bracelet is power off for a long time , it will show “Power On “on LCD scren ,it indicates
that power on . Continue to push , when it shows Pairingit indicates that the bracelet is matching , so that the
cellphone goes into searching bluetooth , then the cellphone will show “BRACELET”, then according to the hint and
input the matched number"0000”.If match successfully the LCD screen will show “CONNECTED”, if fail it will show that
“Pair FAIL5 “,seconds later , it will show that “No Connect”.
Press the 3 seconds when the bracelet is power off , the LCD screen will show raspberryOWER ON”, and then it will show
“CONNECTING”, it indicates that it is connecting the last cellphone. If match successfully the LCD screen will show
“CONNECTED”, if fail it will show that “Pair FAIL”,5 seconds later , it will show that “No Connect”.
In the “No Connect” state , press the power on match buttom , it will connect the cellphone which connected last time .
The LCD screen will show “LINR LOSS” when wire broken , then show “No Connect” in 5 seconds .
when incoming telepram , press the bluetooth buttom once time , it indicates that you refuse the call , and the screen
will show “CAII REJECTED” , then show “Connected” in 5 seconds .
When incoming telepram , the bracelet will vibrate twice , interval 3 seconds ; the telephone number will keep for 15
seconds when you don’treceive or refuse a call , then the LCD screen show “Connected”.
When incoming telepram , pressing the bluetooth buttom several seconds indicate receiving the call , at this moment the
LCD screen shows “CALL ACCEPTED”, then shows"Connected"in 5 seconds .
In standby state , push the buttom several seconds , the LCD shows “POWER OFF” , it indicates power off .
In standby state , if the battery was used up it will show"LOW BATTERY” .
In power off state, bracelet connects power , the screen shows"CHARGER IN"in 5 seconds, when finishing Charging ,
the screen will show “CHARGE OK” , cut of adapter the screen shows"CHARGER OUT”
“CHARGE ERROR” indicate the bracelet can’t charge normally .
About the button operation instruction:

Shout press : press the button immediately then release
Long press : press the button for 3 seconds then release
Super long press : press the button for 5 seconds then release
state display instruction:

POWER ON: start the machine
POWER OFF :stop the machine
PAIRING: waiting to match
Low power state display
CAII REJECTED: refuse a call
CALL ACCEPTED: aswering a call
LOW BATTERY: power is use up
Techical target :

Compatible bluetooth 2.0 standard
Class 2 stardard(10 meters)
Meet bluetooth handfree standard(Hands-free Profile)V0.96
Work temperature range : -20+75
Store temperature range : -40+85
Effective distance 5-10M
Auto save energy mode
Support low power consumption work mode / high speed work mode
Security Certificate , data encryption

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