Apple Sends Out iPhone 4 Reservation Confirmation/Reminder E-mails

Apple began sending out confirmation e-mails to customers who reserved an iPhone 4 for in-store pickup at the company’s fleet of Apple Stores. If you were one of the lucky many who succeeded in reserving an iPhone 4 for pickup on June 24th, you must pick up the device before the close of business that day (Apple Stores will open at 7:00 AM for the launch event).

iPhone 4 reservations are different from pre-orders in that they weren’t pre-paid, and one’s iPhone 4 must be picked up at an Apple Store. If you used the Apple Store iPhone app to reserve an iPhone 4, you have just that, a reservation, and should receive an e-mail reminder similar to the one below.

We reported on Sunday that customers who pre-ordered their iPhone 4 began receiving shipping notifications, as well.

Apple E-mail Reminder

The header from Apple’s iPhone 4 Reservation Reminder e-mail