Apple Set to Spend $7.8 Billion on Samsung Parts

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Apple is apparently planning on spending some US$7.8 billion on parts from Samsung Electronics in 2011 for mobile device components. The parts will find their way into iPhones and iPads, and will make Apple Samsung’s largest single customer, according to the Korean Economic Daily.

Apple ready to spend over $7 billion on Samsung parts

Industry sources claim Apple plans to purchase NAND flash RAM from Samsung, along with mobile app processors and LCD displays.

Considering the volume Apple tends to purchase in, the deal could make it difficult for the company’s competitors — including Samsung — to get ahold of enough parts to build their own mobile devices.

The parts agreement hasn’t, however, been signed yet. Apparently the two companies are still hammering out the details.

Apple and Samsung aren’t commenting on the deal.

[Thanks to the Wall Street Journal for the heads up.]

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And how long will the Samsung Galaxy Tab stay on the market???????


how long will the Samsung Galaxy Tab stay on the market??

Exactly ? I just wondered, what did that look like when Apple made the purchase?

A: “Hello, Samsung, I’d like to snatch up all the electronics that you might otherwise put into your own products.”

S: “Um ? let me call a manager. Ma’am? Apple’s here. They want to buy up pretty much all the components in the warehouse… Yes, ma’am, they want to pay cash. This guy has a big honkin’ bag of cash. I’m not sure the register will hold it all.”

And will we see swarms of Apple employees headed out to overwhelm every Best Buy and any other place that sells the Galaxy? LOL

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