Apple Sets Media Event for September 1st

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Apple has begun inviting media to a Media Event on Wednesday, September 1st to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Apple’s media invitations are lacking in detail as usual, but feature an acoustic guitar with the Apple logo for the hole, according to several media reports.

The company has usually held a media event in September to introduce updates to its iPod line, and this year the rumor has been that the company would introduce a US$99 Apple TV that it would also rebrand back to iTV. A triple-sourced Bloomberg article just Tuesday (yesterday) pegged the date as September 7th.

That same Bloomberg piece said that Apple would unveil a TV show rental model for iTunes. Interpreting Apple’s invitations, however, has become a favorite pastime of many Apple watchers, and a guitar on the invitation suggests it is a music-centered event, as would be the case for iPod-dominated announcements.

That doesn’t necessarily contradict the recent flurry of rumors regarding Apple TV/iTV, but it doesn’t lend them any credence, either.



Apple’s going to unveil a TV rental model? If I was rent-a-center, I’d be really nervous!


They probably moved the date so Apple’s news rides over the weekend, to block some of the Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android Tablet) news coming on the 3rd.

Mass media is a large free marketplace for super companies, and Apple knows how to use it to their advantage.

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