Apple Shifts MobileMe to Digital-only Sales

Apple transitioned sales of its MobileMe service to digital-only on Thursday and notified resellers that once their current inventory of boxed copies is depleted they won’t be able order any more, according to Mac Rumors.

The company also removed MobileMe from its online store, raising questions about Apple’s plans for the service going forward. So far, speculation has been focusing on the possibility that Apple may be planning to offer MobileMe as a free service.

Apple is dropping its boxed MobileMe offering

Rumors claim Apple is working on a major redesign of its MobileMe service with plans to add a new “digital locker” feature for storing photos, music and video online.

MobileMe includes iDisk online storage, Find My iPhone, an iChat screen name, email, contact and calendar syncing, and online photo galleries. The Find My iPhone feature is also available for free for iPhone 4 owners.

Apple’s Web site showing MobileMe features is still active, and shows the US$99 annual price tag along with a 60-day free trial offer.

So far there isn’t any word from Apple on what plans it has in store for MobileMe.