Apple Shows Off iPad Accessories

When Apple's new iPad ships in about 60 days, there will already be several accessories available, and several of those will come directly from Apple. iPad add-ons from Cupertino will include docks, a case, and more.

Apple will offer two dock stands for the iPad: A basic iPad Dock and the iPad Keyboard Dock. The iPad Dock will include a 30-pin pass through connector that lets you charge and sync the iPad, connect to a USB power adapter, and connect to Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit. It also includes an audio jack for playing music and other audio through stereos and powered speakers.

Like the basic dock, the iPad Keyboard Dock includes a pass through connector for charging and syncing along with an audio jack and support for the iPad Camera Connection Kit. It also includes a built-in full-size Apple Aluminum Keyboard.

iPad Case
The iPad case acts as a protective cover for the iPad, complete with book-style flip-open cover. The case also acts as a stand letting users position the iPad like a digital picture frame, or at a lower angle simulating a laptop position. It includes access to the iPad's dock connector port, audio port, volume controls, speakers and power switch.

iPad Camera Connection Kit
The iPad Camera Connection Kit includes two dock connector adapters; One with a standard USB port, and a second with an SD card reader. iPad owners will be able to use the adapter kit to transfer images directly from their camera or SD card into their iPad.

iPad USB Power Adapter
The iPad power adapter should look familiar to iPhone and iPod touch owners because it looks to be the same device that shipped with the original iPhone and iPod touch. It includes a six-foot power cord, and most likely can be used in countries around the world instead of just in the United States.

Expect to see more accessories show up before the iPad ships in 60 days.