Apple Slams PC Choices in New Ads

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Apple rolled out three new commercials in its Get a Mac campaign on Wednesday that tout Apple's customer service and choice options over Windows and PCs. The three commercials include John Hodgman and Justin Long in their familiar roles as PC and Mac.

Customer Care shows off Apple's in-store Mac Genius program where users talk with real people while PC lives a tech support phone call nightmare.

Apple's Customer Care ad.

Elimination and PC Choice Chat both seem to take aim at Microsoft's recent Laptop Hunter ads by implying that while there are lots of PCs to choose from, most offer similar features. They also poke fun at the number of viruses and system crashes Windows users experience.

The new Get a Mac ads offer a timely response to the Laptop Hunter commercials -- and like Microsoft's own ads, they never mention Windows by name.

All three commercials are available for viewing at the Apple Web site.


Stephen Swift

I really got a laugh at Elimination.  I do wince a bit when these ads try to make overreaching claims such as: “Want a computer that’s headache free? Get a Mac.”  But hopefully what people remember are the jokes/follies; the funnier ones that aren’t as overt do seem to be more accepted by my friends.


Saying Macs are headache free is really very dishonest IMHO.  Just as saying up-to-date versions of Windows crash a lot is dishonest too.  Neither OS is perfect, and while I believe Mac OS to be superior in terms of stability, I just don’t buy that Windows is all that much worse, because in my experience it’s not (but I do run Windows on high quality hardware ? a Mac).  Almost nobody runs Windows ME anymore.


The shot is not from “Customer Care,” but from “PC Choice Chat.”


The ad never said “headache free”, watch it again.

Nintendo R4 UK

gslusher@ i agree with “gslusher” words.

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