Apple Slapped with Smart Cover Patent Lawsuit

Apple has been hit with a new patent infringement lawsuit that alleges its Smart Cover for the iPad uses technology that it hasn’t licensed. The lawsuit comes from Aspen, Colorado resident Jerald Bovino who claimed his 2005 patent for a paneled computer display case describes Apple’s own iPad cover.

Apple lands in the middle of a patent lawsuit over its Smart Cover designThe patent in question, 6,997,809, details a case that attaches to the computer and includes ribs, or panels, that help protect the device and its display, according to paidContent. The patent description sounds similar to the Smart Cover, although in Apple’s case the panels are designed to let the cover fold back and become a stand.

Mr. Bovino’s lawsuit comes only days after Apple was granted a patent for its iPad Smart Cover. The Smart Cover has been available ever since the iPad 2 was introduced.

Mr. Bovino filed his lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Colorado, and is asking the court to force Apple and Target to pay royalties for using his patent.