Apple Space Ship Building Revisions Show Massive Size

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Proposed revisions for Apple’s space ship campus in Cupertino surfaced on Wednesday, with details that underscore the structure’s massive size. The circular building will be over 1,520 feet across, and nearly a mile in circumference.

The new architectural renderings show solar panels covering the roof, highlighting Apple’s commitment to environmentally friendly design.

New renderings show solar panels on the Apple space ship roofNew renderings show solar panels on the Apple space ship roof

Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs first showed off the company’s plans for a new campus in August. The facility will house some 13,000 employees, cover about 2.8 million square feet, and will include a 1,000 seat auditorium.

TMO’s John Martellaro worked with the figures available at the time and estimated the building’s diameter at 1,615 feet — pretty much in line with the new structural details.

The new campus will include nearly 9,000 parking spaces, a 58,050 square foot dining facility, and a two-story fitness center.

Apple plans finish construction in 2015.

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So employees can exercise by running around the circumference of the building.  Sounds cool (but large!).


Within a few hours of posting the updated plans, the Cupertino Planning Department’s server was overwhelmed with requests and crashed.  Their site appears to be back up and running now, but it’s great to know that the Apple community can still “slashdot” sites of interest.


I’m underwhelmed.
Not Steve’s best design work.

John Howard

Looks fabulous. Now they can dish out more shiny, glossy toys that I will add to my list of items NOT to buy.

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