Apple Spanks Wired Over Hackintosh Video

Wired received an unexpected wake up call on Wednesday when Apple contacted the publication with a request that it pull an article showing how to install Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware.

The article by Brian X. Chen included a video explaining in step-by-step detail how to turn a generic netbook PC into a Mac OS X machine -- or Hackintosh -- with a USB flash drive and a utility called OSX86 Tools. Apple, however, was not amused and contacted Wired's parent company, Conde Nast, with a request to remove the article.

Earlier in the day it wasn't clear if Apple was suing Wired, or merely making a request. At the time, Mr. Chen commented on Twitter "Just found out Apple is suing Wired for my video tutorial on hacking netbooks to run Mac OS X. One hell of a way to start off the day."

CNET was later able to confirm that Apple was not suing Wired, so for now the online publication has been able to avoid the wrath of Apple's legal team.

Wired did remove the how-to video from its Web site, but the article is still available on line.