Apple Starts Environmental Audit for China Parts Suppliers

Following a series of meetings with environmental groups in China, Apple has launched its own investigation into some of the factories that supply parts and build the company’s products such as the iPhone and MacBook Air. Apple has hired an independent company to handle the audits, according to the Financial Times, and 11 factories have already been reviewed.

Apple audits China factories over environmental concernsApple auditing China factories over environmental concerns

Word that Apple has been reviewing the environmental practices at factories in China followed a report that the company has been talking with local environmental groups such as the Institute on Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE). The company has already met with the organization twice, and started investigating factory practices after the first round of talks a few months ago.

The organization said that it has identified 27 factories supplying Apple that are also dumping pollutants and hazardous waste into surrounding communities. Apple confirmed that 15 of the Chinese factories are on its supplier list, although it wouldn’t specify which ones.

IPE is glad Apple is openly talking about environmental issues and is working to address potential problems in China, but the organization’s leader, Ma Jun, thinks the company can still do more. “This is just the beginning and not the end of it,” he said.