Apple Store Employee Helps Foil Kidnapping

Police in Louisville, KY, said that an Apple Store employee played a key role in foiling a kidnapping. The kidnapped woman was being forced to buy iPhones by her brainiac kidnapper, but when she asked an Apple Store employee for help, he called security, which then called the police.

The drama started when the woman accepted a date from a man she knew as “Greg,” though the 32-year old’s real name is Victor A. Sarver, Jr. According to local TV station WDRB, when Mr. Sarver showed up at her house for their date, the police say he pulled a gun on her and forced her to drive the two in her own vehicle.

Mr. Sarver then allegedly forced her to drive to multiple retail stores to buy cell phones in her own name with her own money, presumably so that he could then resell the devices and turn them into his own money.

When he took her to the Apple Store in Louisville’s Oxmoor Mall, the victim found a moment to ask for help from the Specialist conducting the transaction, and he or she (Apple’s employee was not specified in the report) then “quietly” alerted in-store security, who called the cops.

Oxmoor Mall Apple Store

Oxmoor Mall Apple Store
Source: Apple

The police also said the woman was safely secured, and Mr. Sarver was arrested for kidnapping and robbery. He gave multiple stories to the police about how he had arrived at the store, and the police obtained sworn statements from Apple Store employees.

We’d like to offer some virtual high-fives to the Apple Store employees involved in foiling the crime.

[Via CNet]