Apple Store Offers Free Next Day Shipping for Christmas

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Apple is currently offering free, next-day shipping on products so that you can get your new Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV delivered in time for Christmas. The company is offering the free, one day shipping on in-stock, non-customized products ordered by December 21st.

If you head to the Apple Store (TMO affiliate link), you’ll currently see a line reading: “Order qualifying products by Dec. 21 and get free delivery by Dec. 24.”

Clicking through to that link, you’ll find a page that lists deadline dates for each of Apple’s major hardware product lines. In the screenshot below, the iPad shows as available for free delivery by December 24th if you order by the 21st. The same is true for the other lines, as well.

Free Next Day Delivery for Christmas

Screenshot from the online Apple Store



I ordered my engraved Ipad 2 yesterday at 1pm, Central time, and just received the UPS tracking information saying it would be in for the Dec 27.  I’m getting a little worried now…  Hope others are having better luck! :/

Kayla Jordan

truthfulfool: I ordered my engraved iPad2 December the 19th also, my UPS tracking says the same thing. December 27th. I also ordered the keyboard, it came from Canada, and it was delivered Wednesday 12/21 around 9am.


Kayla: I received an email from apple today apologizing for the fact that I wouldn’t get the Ipad by tomorrow but that I “may” get it Saturday sometime, UPS sent an email as well stating the same but with no promises…  Hope your doing better than I am and Good Luck!

Kayla Jordan

truthfulfool: I recieved the same email saying they were sorry, that there had been so weather delays and they I may get it Saturday also. I checked UPS and it landed in Anchorage at 8:56 pm on 12/22, so hopefully I will get it by Saturday! Hope you get yours Saturday in time for Christmas.

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