Apple Store Online, Accepting iPad Pre-Orders

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The Apple Store is back online, and the company is accepting pre-orders for the new iPad (3rd Generation) that was announced on Wednesday. The online store had been taken down during Apple’s media event, but is once again accessible. As of this writing, new iPads are showing with a March 16th delivery date, the first day of availability.

The store is performing erratically at times for some users, but is up. Some have reported difficulty in getting their orders to complete, while others are getting error messages (as in the image below) when pulling up the main Apple Store page.

Apple Store Oops

Apple Store Oops Message

Others, however, have reported getting their orders through for several different new iPad model, even if some of the images time out, as you can see in the image below.

Apple Store New iPad Order

From a Completed New iPad Order



I keep trying but can’t even connect. It looks like the store is feeling the effects of a massive DOS (Demand Order Simultaneously) attack by people like me trying to order a new iPad.

Bryan Chaffin

Note that I got my own order in before posting this story, Craig smile

Seriously, though, GL. I hope everyone trying to put in an order gets to do so.

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