Apple Store Schedule Hints at July 25 Mountain Lion Launch

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Apple has apparently scheduled staff for overnight shifts on Tuesday, July 24, hinting at a July 25 launch for OS X Mountain Lion. Apple’s newest Mac operating system has been promised to ship in July, and a launch on the 25th would come a day after the company’s third quarter earnings report.

Mountain Lion may ship on July 25Mountain Lion may ship on July 25

News of the shift scheduling comes courtesy of unnamed sources talking with 9to5Mac.

Apple released a candidate of the final shipping version of Mountain Lion to developers about a week ago, indicating that the operating system is nearly ready for release to the public. The OS includes many features inspired by iOS on the iPad, and drops compatibility for several Intel-based Mac models.

Mountain Lion will be available as a download via Apple’s Mac App Store for US$19.99.

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I hope ML doesn’t stink as much as Lion.  10.7 has been a not stop drag for me for one year now.  I almost want to jump to Windows; I use it almost every day anyway so it wouldn’t be that much of a transition for me.  I think 10.7 does not play nicely with Core2Duo processors or rotational hard drives.  I have a late 09 White MacBook with 4 GB of RAM.  Snow Leopard was a joy to use.  Lion for me has been like using Vista on a computer that it wasn’t meant for.


Could this mean more than just ML?

Staff pulling an all nighter to upgrade demo systems and change some signage seems like a lot. One person, maybe two should be able to get all this done in a couple of hours. It seems especially odd for software that you can’t actually purchase at the Apple Store so there’s no boxes of product to put out or anything like that.

Lee Dronick

Geoduck, it is the 15” iPad


Developer friends I know tell me that ML is much nicer than Lion.  One even recently lamented that he wished he’d had ML from the beginning.  I suspecct that, just as Snow Leopard was what we needed Leopard to be, so shall ML be what we needed Lion to be.  We’ll know soon enough.


Geoduck, it is the 15? iPad

They’ll call it the Apple iSurface.
They won’t get sued over that, will they?


I’ve been using 10.7 on my Mac Pro, since it came out, and it does seem kinda’ buggy - especially Finder and Mission Control. I truly don’t know how the 10.7 implementation of full-screen apps was allowed out the door, with as funky as it is. I’ve been using OS X 10.8 since DP 3 (yes, legitimately and legally), on a 2009 series MBP and, luckily, it has been working fine for me. I haven’t used it quite as extensively as I have 10.7, but I’ve used it as an every-day OS and I have yet to run into any problems.


I agree that Apple store employees shouldn’t need to work all night for a software download.  I wonder if they are releasing the iPad Nano that day?

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