Apple Store UK Temporarily Lists August 28 Snow Leopard Ship Date

Apple isn't doing much to dispel rumors that Mac OS X 10.6 will ship on August 28, especially when the company shows that date on its own Web site. Apple's U.K. Snow Leopard Up-To-Date page showed August 28 as the Mac OS X 10.6 for a short time on Thursday, but later changed the page to show September instead.

Rumors began surfacing in August that Apple was planning on pushing up the Snow Leopard release date from some time in September to August 28. So far, the company has been holding to its September time frame, but industry sources have apparently been leaking information that supports the new August date.

Apple helped fuel the rumor mills earlier this week, too, when it temporarily listed the Mac Box Set with Snow Leopard on its online store. That, too, disappeared shortly after making its way to the company's online store.

Apple still isn't confirming that Mac OS X 10.6 will ship at the end of August, but after Thursday's ship date mix up, it's seeming more plausible.

[Thanks to Mac Rumors for the heads up.]