Apple Stores Open Early for iPhone 4 Launch

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Apple retail stores began opening at 7AM local time on June 24 to kick off the official iPhone 4 launch. Stores opened early so shoppers that reserved an iPhone could pick theirs up ahead of the general public.

The early store hours won’t, however, make the shoppers in line among the first to get their new iPhone. Many pre-orders that were processed on June 15 were delivered on the 23rd, a day ahead of the official launch. FexEx delivered a few on the 22nd as well.

Apple’s new iPhone 4

Apple introduced the new iPhone 4 on June 7 during the Steve Jobs keynote presentation at the company’s annual World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco. The new model includes a redesigned form factor that’s 24 percent thinner than the iPhone 3GS, a substantially higher resolution multi-touch display, front and rear facing cameras, an LED flash, support for capturing HD movies, and more.

The 16GB and 32GB black iPhone 4 is available today for US$199 and $299, respectively. The white version, however, has been delayed until mid July over production-related issues.



Only slightly off-topic, but is anyone else having problems restoring their iPhone? I upgraded my 3GS to iOS 4.0, had some problems, and tried to restore, but I keep getting a message that the restore server is down.


Standing in line for two and half hours; seems like another one to go. What pisses me off that they’ve made 2 lines for those with and without a reservation, and they’re alternating sales. The non-reservation line is shorter as well.

Maybe if I would not have made a reservation, I would’ve walked out an hour earlier.


Got to the Portland Pioneer Square Mall Apple store at 6:30am, walked out at 12:05 pm with an iPhone. And the line was still as long as when I got in it 5 1/2 hours before. I suspect they’ll be open till midnight trying to accommodate all the people with reservations.


I live in NJ and went to the Short Hills store at 6:30am with a reservation.  There was a long line.  At 7:30am they broke the line into reservations & purchase.  From there it was 15 minutes.  I was completely done by 8:15am.

Tik Tok

In Sacramento at the Arden Fair Mall Apple Store, I arrived after work at 1:30 p.m.  The first person I talked to walking away with a phone said he’d waited seven hours.  There were two lines, one for reservations (which I was in) and one for walk-ups.  Both lines were being served simultaneously.  It took two and one-half hours for me to get my reserved phone; no idea on how the other line went, except the notion that any non-reservation purchases went before reserved ones seems to me like a very poor and different result from the process touted by Apple.

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