Apple Stores Opening Early for Snow Leopard Launch

Apple Stores around the U.S. are opening early of Friday, August 28, so Mac owners can buy their copy of Snow Leopard first thing in the morning. Many locations around the country will be open as early as 8AM which means shoppers should be able to get their hands on Mac OS X 10.6 in stores ahead of pre-order deliveries.

The Apple retail locations The Mac Observer checked with all confirmed they would be opening early for the Snow Leopard launch, but none confirmed whether or not they will be offer free t-shirts to early buyers. T-shirts have often been offered at Mac OS X launches as a perk for the first shoppers in the store.

Since some Apple retail locations may not be able to open early because of mall restrictions, be sure to check with your local store to verify their Friday hours. Apple's retail store Web site is also a good resource for checking store hours.

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