Apple Stores Reportedly Begin iPhone Price Matching

Apple has reportedly authorized its Apple Store retail locations to begin price matching its popular line of iPhone smartphones. MacRumors reported that the company will match prices from some third party retail stores and carriers in the U.S.

Price drops on Apple’s iPhone are not uncommon in the weeks leading up to an expected refresh as retailers and carriers work to clear out inventory before the switch. For Apple’s retail partners and carriers, this can be extra tricky because Apple isn’t known for for its generous channel return policies or in giving those partners advance notice of a product refresh.

Apple is expected to announce a new iPhone this fall, possibly as soon as September 12th, when the company is planning a media event.

Earlier this week, Sprint began discounting the entry level iPhone 4S by US$49.01, selling it for $149.99. Apple’s policy would allow Apple Stores to match such discounts when customers bring them to an Apple Store. As such, iPhone 4S 16GB/32GB/64Gb models could be purchased for $149.99/$249.99/$349.99 for customers who buy them with a new two-year contract, as shown in the image below.

iPhone 4 models could be purchased for $49.99.

iPhone Price Matching

Apple iPhone Price Matching
Credit: MacRumors