Apple Sued for iPhone 4S Secure Communications Method

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The iPhone 4S has been out less than three weeks and it’s already the target of a lawsuit filed this week by VirnetX regarding a method used by the device for secure communications.

Patent 8,051,181, “method for establishing a secure communication link between computers of virtual private network” is the one in question. It was granted on November 1 and the lawsuit was filed the same day in the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Texas. This is the court widely know to be friendly to these types of patent lawsuits.

Source: Patently Apple

According to Apple Insider, the suits claims that Apple infringes on the patent by “establishing a ‘secure mode of communication’ at a first computer without the need for the user to enter any cryptographic information.” This applies to several Apple products including the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod touch, and the latest version of the Mac operating system, Lion.

The lawsuit is seeking damages and injunctive relief against Apple. VirnetX has a history of these types of lawsuits and has been successful in the past, winning a $200 milllion settlement against Microsoft last year.



So is this the schedule now?
Tuesday’s Apple releases new products.
Thursday’s somebody sue’s Apple for some GD thing or another?
I’ll just add this to iCal so I’ll know what to expect.

FWIW I’ve been using secure VPN networks for a decade and the technology was old when I learned it. ANOTHER F-up by the USPTO

David Juliano

Apple getting dealt a dose of their own medicine.  Google or samsung innovates and immediately apple sues like a little bitch.  Now its time for apple to wither and die.

Dean Lewis

I saw this great movie called Trollhunter. Almost a guide to how to identify trolls in the wild. Really helps out here.

james lawrence

Watched it.  Helped me identify dean lewis as a troll.  Apple is a patent troll and they bitch when someone fights back.  Classic.  Apple is for losers


Some people clearly have anger issues.


Warms up a chilly autumn day to see that the envious are shivering under their leaky bridge of discontent. Let?s us hear more. smile

I hear a Nelson laugh. Ha Ha.


I think TMO needs to restrict posting a comment to those who sign up…

Now, if only we could get the trolls to fight among themselves till sunrise….

Consumer wins

Stop hating.. Who cares who has what phone or what mega company is suing who… I have an iPhone and am apple fan, but I like the Android too… When we can get these companies to compete and come out with new products, we all win…

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