Apple Supplier Foxconn’s Servers Hacked

Apple supplier Foxconn has reportedly been hacked, exposing the usernames and passwords of the company’s clients and employees. First reported by 9to5Mac, hacker group SwaggSec claimed credit for the breach, which temporarily allowed outsiders to access Foxconn’s network. In response to the attack, Foxconn has now blocked outside access to its network. 


Foxconn SwaggSec


Although alluding to Foxconn’s recently criticized working conditions, SwaggSec claims that it had no political, “hacktivist” agenda, instead insisting that the breach was performed simply for their enjoyment.


Although we are considerably disappointed of the conditions of Foxconn, we are not hacking a corporation for such a reason and although we are slightly interested in the existence of an Iphone 5 [sic], we are not hacking for this reason. We hack for the cyberspace who share a few common viewpoints and philosophies. We enjoy exposing governments and corporations, but the more prominent reason, is the hilarity that ensues when compromising and destroying an infrastructure. How unethical right?


In addition to supplying Apple, Foxconn partners with dozens of other computer and electronics companies. As a result of today’s hack, had outside access not been disabled, recipients of the obtained information may have been able to place false orders on behalf of companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Intel, and, of course, Apple.

It is currently unknown if additional information was obtained as a result of the breach.